Sunday, August 29, 2010

An Evening Of Unknown Pleasures... i don't know dude

So Peter Hook is playing Unknown Pleasures live for the 30th anniversary of Ian Curtis' death and he will be visiting NYC in December. Am I going? hmmmmm.....
Hell yes!
  • Crunchy bass vibrating my ear drums
  • As close as I'll ever get to seeing Joy Division
  • Peter Hook's beard
  • Hearing the "back in the day" stories by grandpa goths at the bar
  • Maybe randomly playing Monaco's "What Do you Want From Me"
Hell to the no!
  • Co$t... this is going to hurt
  • "What do you mean Love Will Tear Us Apart wasn't on this album?"
  • Has a new band, has a new club... Anniver$ary of Ian Curti$' death?
  • "I have the rare textured sleeve... got it off ebay"
  • It will prob. be packed= elbows in the tits
  • Webster Hall smoke machines smell like ass syrup
I'll let you know in December!
photo by Man Alive

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