Thursday, June 10, 2010

Where have you been?

So I've been a tool and haven't been updating this blog at all and it's all because of Netflix screwing up my sleeping patterns and I'm going to try to update this thing on a regular basis! Keyword= TRY...

I've been to great shows in the last couple of months. Including The Specials and Echo and The Bunnymen... check out those links that'll lead you to my reviews of the shows for The Aquarian.
But just some key hightlights from those shows.

1. Ian McCulloch is not a wide-eyed awkward cutie anymore, but his vocals are still very youthful even though he now looks like a chubby Liam Gallagher.

2. Terry Hall has a great sense of humor. From asking for his socks back to hiding on stage behind beams and amps... brownie points!

3. No annoying elbows in the tits... A+

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