Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Model Army, Sept. 16, Asbury Park

You know how there's always that one guy at shows who's REALLY into it? Well, he's been around the last three times I've seen New Model Army and guess who was the first person I saw when I walked in the door... 4th times a charm, no? Though I was a little upset that he didn't start as many fights or stick his fists up that much, I enjoyed his company so here's to you THAT GUY! I think no New Model Army show is complete without you.

This must have been the first show in a while that I actually liked all the opening bands. The Obvious sounded like a mix of X, The Rezillos, and Hole with their crooning singers and goofy stage antics. The F Bombers were a nice clean punk band with raspy female vocals and fun bass lines.

Like I've said before New Model Army ALWAYS brings something new each time I've seen them. Whether it's new t-shirts with some of Joolz's awesome artwork or new songs, it always puts a smile on my face.

They did an amazing job playing and the set list was great. Most off them were off Today Is A Good Day, High, Thunder And Consolation, and one song off of Strange Brotherhood. It's cool how they don't have to play all their hits to get the crowd going. Though I was a little surprised they didn't play anything off of The Ghost of Cain, the songs off of the new album made up for it, so please support the band and buy it! They're so underrated and deserve so much more acknowledgement for their talent.

Shame on the DJ for announcing that NMA is from London. I did however enjoy some guy singing The Smiths' "Panic" at the end of the show. HANG THE DJ!

So the plan according to Justin Sullivan is to meet up in 15 years on Sept. 16 at The Saint with the same lineup and I'll be there, right next to THAT GUY.

A little clip of their song,"White Coats."


  1. what was that last song on the set list? Too bad I missed them. Really like them since 1987

  2. The last song they played was "Wonderful Way To Go" and the encore was "Green and Grey." They're playing in NYC on Oct. 1st, you should go see them then!