Friday, August 28, 2009

Aluminum Babe/17/Lucero Records

original article in The Aquarian

If Cibo Matto and Blonde Redhead took a lot of speed and dueled, Aluminum Babe would be what’s left of the wreckage. This NYC band blends together pop melodies with disco beats and a punk garage sound, which achieves one thing, being the perfect band for pseudo hipsters to flip their side parts to.

With their distorted synthesizers, sharp guitars, and looping samples of weird noises on their new album 17, everything comes across as dying cats. The lyrics usually consist of one word being repeated for most of the track and there are no real build-ups in the music, making it hard to tell the songs apart. Their first song ”Infatuation,” begins with a dance floor feel, but it quickly changes into a bad clusterfuck of high frequencies. Even when they calm things down on songs like “If You Like It,” the end result is irritating samples looping over singer Anna Liedberg’s falsetto voice.

17 is a great example of when bands try something new and overdo it. Aluminum Babe used to be a charming punk band with short simple songs and Liedberg, who is from Stockholm, was more likely to sing in French. Now they are trying to sound like Deerhoof with the addition of all these layered electronic tracks and allow their talent and allurement to get lost.

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