Sunday, June 14, 2009

Psychedelic Furs at the Wellmont

Alright, so I was REALLY pissed when I walked into the Wellmont and they put seats in the standing area. Huh??? I understood that it was an "older" crowd, but that doesn't mean that they can't stand. Stand up, you're at a show! I was really happy we found seats and were able to stand up against the stage, but please Wellmont don't do that again... It's silly.

The opening band wasn't too impressive. Drum machines, side parts, bass and snare drum kit, slide guitar, long greasy hair, synths. They offered dance beats that got some people bopping, but eh... I dunno. None of the songs stuck with me or gave me that "damn" feeling. Sorry boys!

So this would be my second time seeing the furs live and while I did think that it might be a little repetitive, it wasn't at all. Though Richard Butler had a few shaky moments with his vocals and admitted to sounding like a "train wreck" (it seemed he was having trouble with his ear piece), all and all it was a good show.

I can't help but say the word CUTE when it comes to seeing these guys live. They're super smiley and with Richard Butler's jumping and hip shaking and swirls, you can't go wrong. The saxophone player, Mars Williams, was AMAZING. They didn't have him play when I saw them back in 2005(i think?). This guy may be a little short, but he has a lot of energy to belt out the solos that he did. I was a little upset not to see guitarist John Ashton, but the new guitar player was great. The keyboardist wasn't really needed on most songs in my opinion, I'm sure she's awesome and really sweet! Tim Butler will always be cool with his shades and bass lines. It was also cool to see drummer, Paul Garisto, who toured with them in the mid '80s.(thanks Anna at D16 sorry for the fuck up)

Here's a clip of them playing "Heaven", where you'll see Richard Butler doing his signature praying spin at 0:33..haha

I liked the set list a lot more last time I saw them, but this show's set was good too. Alright so I have the set list all jumbled in my mind... So here's just the songs they played in no order. I think I might've missed some!

Goodbye, I Just Wanna Sleep With You, She is Mine, It Goes On, Heartbeat, Dumb Waiters, Heaven, So Run Down, Like a Stranger, I Don't Want to be Your Shadow, All of This and Nothing, No Tears, My Time, Pretty in Pink, Ghost in You, Love My Way..

It was a fun show, some of the crowd was really sweet, while others were yelling "play stuff we know" and "pretty in pink" from the beginning of the show.... lame.

The Furs have supposedly been working on new material. I'm curious to hear what it sounds like. Hopefully it'll be good!


  1. That's not Frank Ferrer!!! It's Paul Garisto, who toured with the Furs in the mid-'80s.

  2. Ooops, sorry! I changed it... Thanks!