Thursday, February 12, 2009

Liselotte Eriksson

original article in the montclarion

"A messy, easily distracted and often filthy record store clerk/artist with a great love for photography, chestnuts, dead things, avocado, big hair and Lady Grey tea with milk and shameful amounts of honey."

This is how Liselotte Eriksson from Sweden sees herself, and like every artist, her authentic personality sneaks its way into her art.
Eriksson, 28, grew up and still lives in Ã…kersberga, Sweden, just north of Stockholm. Having not taken any extra art classes other than the ones required in school, one is surprised by her talent in her illustration, photography and clothing/accessory-making skills.

Though influenced to make art by "anything and everything," Eriksson said that music in general has been very inspiring to her. A lot of her paintings are illustrations of her favorite songs.

"The Cure, definitely," said Eriksson when asked about music that's influenced her. "I discovered them when I was about 15, and it changed my life completely. Their way of being themselves no matter what other people think has greatly inspired me to do the same, to dare to be bold and express myself in any way I feel like."

From her self portraits as a bloodsucking zombie to illustrations of creatures from folklore and myth, her imagination is definitely intact, along with her amazing execution.

Her photography shows many different characters with staged shots, but also depicts regular days with her colorful friends. Her photo alterations in contrast and colors show the softness of a redheaded mermaid to the hard edge of a green-mohawked beauty.

Her newest project, Changeling's Closet, is a website where one can buy her wearable creations.

"It is an online shop where I sell handmade, wearable art inspired by nature and the world of faerie, such as charming little hats, horns, acorn pendants and hand-painted clothes. So far, it's all my own stuff, but I will eventually get work up by other people as well, jewelry and knitted hats among other things, and I'm hoping to sell unique perfumes as well," said Erikson.

She sells prints of most of her art online and has had customers from all around the world buy her art thanks to her website.
"I have had websites of different kinds since I was about 16. I started selling art online about nine years ago, and since then it has been my primary way to get my art out there," said Eriksson.

So if you want to add some color to any room, any of Liselotte Eriksson's creations are perfect for adding uniqueness to any bare wall.

all photos and art by Liselotte Eriksson

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