Saturday, September 13, 2003

Billy Idol, Stone Pony Sept. 12th, 2003

this one is going to be short... sorry guys!

The bassist comes out, along with the drummer, and STEVE STEVENS!!! Everybody is going insane.

Most of the crowd were 80s moms and older people. My friends and I were probably the only 17-year-olds there.

Billy Idol comes out and wow. I love this man even if he's the biggest asshole on earth! He puts on AN AMAZING show. If he ever comes around your town, GO!

Steve Stevens sounded awesome. He had great solos, including a classical spanish guitar sounding one. good stuff!

I thought "Blue Highway" was the best sounding song that night. It was really together and amped me up alot and it's not one of my favorite songs by him.

Billy Idol changes clothing during guitar solos, which I thought was pretty funny. Despite his outfit changes, Billy Idol has a great stage presence.

They only played one Generation X song, Ready Steady Go... Though it was expected, I'll take it!!!

It was really windy and he was wearing an open shirt and the wind blew it back! NO HUGE CHEESEY FAN NEEDED... it looked so perfect. all in all, a fun show.

photos by Suzi Blakely

Friday, July 11, 2003

Murder by Death, An Albatross, The Gossip at Maxwells

Murder by Death- I did hear really good rumors about this band, though I've never listened to their music, so I was curious to see how they sounded like. All of the sudden see an electric cello and the usual instruments accompanied by band members come on stage, who all looked pretty mysterious. They started off with intensity, then brought it down a bit by not having as much cello, but then blew everyones ears off with the last song. I don't know if I would like the band if they didn't have the cello in it, but regardless, I enjoyed their set a lot and would def. see them again.

An Albatross- I've already heard some of their music and thought it was alright. Once they got up onstage, I felt chaos creeping up the walls of Maxwell's. The music starts and they start this "pit", which was pretty much people moving around or doing their own little hipster dances. The lead singer wore eyeliner, had long black hair, cowboy boots, and had his hand down his pants for most of the show. He then starts to kiss these boys in front of the crowd saying, "i want your sex".. After their set, the singer goes into the crowd and starts making out with some girl. This is the type of band that you'd appreciate more after seeing them live, but they're music is eh...

The Gossip- When people start pushing little by little to get to the front, you know it's going to be good, but this show was a little different. I've seen the gossip twice before and it wasn't their greatest. Beth didn't strip and the crowd wasn't dancing enough. Wasn't too energetic either. We danced our asses off regardless, but people would just stand there. How could you stand still to the gossip??? Seems like the Gossip is going to change a lot now that they're getting more popular, but I still enjoy them for the time being.

murder by death photo by Christian Fuehrer, an albatross photo by Bryan Bruchman, the gossip photo by Ian Mackinnon